Master Craftmanship

Every pan and valve cover is technically master-crafted and custom built.
You know you’re getting the best when you purchase ProPan and Top Cover Brand.

Made in USA

All of our products are designed, cut, bent, shaped, welded and hand built in Oklahoma, USA.

Oil Pans

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Valve Covers

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Doug Lee Engineuity has developed a line of Ecotech pans,
both wetsump and drysump, in response to the popularity of these engines in Midget racing.

Both feature 45 degree engine layover for a lower center of gravity
to improve handling in turns.


Check out our new selection of Micro Midget pans.
Developed for Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha 600r engines.
These pans feature increased oil capacity but are still designed to help provide ideal track clearance.

With oil pump pickup tube included, when applicable.